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Roof roll forming machine of molding board, both solemn elegant, beautiful novel, and smooth appearance, uniform corrugated, utilization rate is high, strength, producing a high degree of automation, low cost, durable.

light keel roll forming machine

C/U Channel Roll Forming Machine


C/U Channel Roll Forming Machine is famous for its strong and durable design and Zhongtuo light keel roll forming machines add more features based on these capacities. The machines stated here is able to process metal sheet up to 6mm.Light steel keel now is wildly used in industry factory civil construction such as plate, warehouse, exhibition building, stadium and son on. Except C shape, U shape, we can also make V shape, L shape keels. Meanwhile we could also provides customization, all you need sending us the keel drawings then we can make for you. Continue reading light keel roll forming machine