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Zhongtuo elevator guardrail roll forming machine could be used to make various guardrails for elevator using, up and down elevator using and others. The principle of this machine is cold roll forming, so this machine cannot be used to make thickness beyond 5mmm material.

Expressway guardrail roll forming machine

Expressway guardrail roll forming machine Expressway guardrail roll forming machine is one of our main machines, we also named this machine expressway crash barrier roll forming machine, this machine have two options, the two waves guardrail roll forming machine and three waves guardrail roll forming machine. Normally our machine can use the material thickness from 2.0 mm to 4.2 mm. And the speed of our machine is 8-12 m per minute. Our machine adopt iron cast roller stands, this is heavy and strong. And our machine adopt gear box transmission, this can let the machine run more stable. Profile steel thickness: 2.0-4.2mm Main motor power: 32kw Voltage: 380v 50hz 3phase (as customer demand) Frame: 400# H steel Roller station: 16 stations Roller material: GCr15 Shaft diameter:¢100mm Shaft material: 45# steel with tempering Machine roll forming speed: 8-12m per min Transmission: gear box Machine stand adopt Iron cast structure Expressway traffic crash barrier forming machine expressway crash barrier roll forming machine (9)expressway crash barrier roll forming machine (8)expressway crash barrier roll forming machine (7)expressway crash barrier roll forming machine (1)expressway crash barrier roll forming machine (2)Expressway traffic crash barrier forming machineOther machines for you reference:

highway guardrail roll forming machine

highway guardrail roll forming machine’s consists:

highway guardrail roll forming machine mainly consists of decoiling,levling machine,punching equipment,mail roll forming machine,cutting system,hydraulic station,PLC,finished brackets and other parts

highway guardrail roll forming machine

The technical parameters highway guardrail roll forming machine:

Plate thickness: 2.5-3.0mm

Plate material: Q235

Expand plate width: 482mm

一、 loading

1, single head uncoiler, unilateral discharge

2, within the automatic hydraulic tensioner

3, the maximum loading volume weight: 5000KG

4, the maximum loading roll diameter: 2200mm

5, hydraulic power: 3KW

6, cylinder diameter: 120mm, working pressure 10Mpa

7, the maximum width of 500mm mounted volume

highway guardrail roll forming machine


1, is expected to open into the unit guide wheel

2, leveling the three-roll down to four-roll, forming shaft diameter Φ80mm (material quenched by 45 #), the roll materials GCR15, hardened to HRC58 ° -62 °, hard chrome plated, pressed

thickness 2.5m-3.0 m.

3, punching: hydraulic punching (Material Cr12 mold steel quenching, can be adjusted around,)

4, cut off hydraulic shears (Material Cr12 quenching HRC60-62)

5, the host power: 18.5KW

6, cycloid reducer power: 15KW

7, Transmission: chain drive, 2-inch single row chain

8, roll width 482 mm

9, hydraulic station motor power: 15KW, pressure 20Mpa

10, frequency control unit 5m-12m / min

11, the computer uses to reach PLC

12, the device dimensions: length width 17.5m × 1.2m × 1.5m high


Simple the rack

1, this frame is made 60mm × 40mm square tube welding

2, sliding shelves round

3, size: length width 0.9m × 1.5m × 0.6m high

highway guardrail roll forming machine mainly consists of decoiling,levling machine,punching equipment,mail roll forming machine,cutting system,hydraulic station,PLC,finished brackets and other parts. Mainly used in factories, workshops, warehouses, parking lots, commercial areas, public places and other occasions for equipment and facilities protection and protection. Highway guardrail forming machine production efficiency can reach 5-8m / min, and a high yield