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In modern society, metal ceiling or wall participation way of construction is quite popular all over the word. For one thing instead of wood, metal participation is more cheap and durable. For another thing, metal stud is easy to install and fast to make.

UD, CD metal stud roll forming machine, all-in-one combined light keel producer

Cater to the market requirement, Zhongtuo UD, CD metal stud roll forming machine was developed. Different with other roll forming machines, Zhongtuo metal stud roll forming machine supports both U shape and C shape metal track and stud making meanwhile sizes are options. So we call it as all-in-one combined light keel roll forming machine.
Features of UD, CD metal stud roll forming machine
1. One machine either could be used to make U stud in various sizes
2. Able to make C stud in various sizes.
3. For making C and U without changing rollers.
4. Easy to adjust sizes just by sizing in computer.
5. Machine is controlled by PLC station.

This machine is composed by the following parts: decloiler—leveling system—roll forming machine—shearing and cutting part—runout table.
Here are some basic parameters of Zhongtuo UD, CD metal stud roll forming machine:

UD, CD metal stud roll forming machine

Supported material Processing material: GI
Material thickness:  0.4—1.0mm
Material hardness: 550 MPA—350 MPA
Formed width: 28/60mm
Forming speed: 25m/min
Main part basic information Machine size:3800х1200х1400
Weight of main part: 3 tons
Roller fixer : Guide column
Memorial arch frame type
Frame thickness:25mm
Drive mode: gear
Material of rollers: GCr12MoV
Material of shafts: 45# steel with tempering
Diameter of shafts: φ40mm
Number of rollers : 10 rollers
Main power: 3kw

metal stud roll forming machine