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C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

We are professional c purlin roll forming machine manufacturer in china. Our factory located in Botou county, Cangzhou city, Hebei province.

We can supply you with different kinds of c purlin roll forming machines. Our machine are customized, your give us your c purlin machine detail demands then we can design and produce the machine for you, and we can also give you our c purlin machine design options for you choice.


Our c purlin machine can use the material thickness from 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm, and this is the common thickness the customer demand. We can give you the  suitable machine proposal as your personal demand and budget. For the decoiler, we can supply you the manual decoiler and hydraulic decoiler. For the machine frame, we can frame of the c purlin forming machine, we can supply you the middle plate weld frame machine and iron cast frame.

Whatever, if you are interested in our machine, please contact us, we will supply you a suitable machine proposal with our best price to let you satisfied.

CZ Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line

CZ Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line

C or Z shape purlins are made from hot/cold rolled steel strips,and straightened,hole punched,cut to length,and roll formed by C/Z changeable shape purlin roll forming machine. Through changing, this product line can make the change of the shape C or Z purlin,besides change different size of C or Z shape purlin,This change for shape and sizes of C/Z purlin can be realized by automatic mode.
C/Z shape purlin product line consists of uncoiling system,straightening system,hole punching system,shearing system,roll forming system,products support table,hydraulic system,automatic controlling system,and so on. It’s a high efficiency equipment of making purlin,which is suitable for current enterprises.
C/Z Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line
Working Flow
Uncoiling-Sheet Guiding-Straightening&Levelling-Hole Punching-Measuring Length&shearing-Roll Forming-Sheet to support table
Standard drawing

Main Technical Parameters

Item Parameters
Profile C and Z purin


Type Steel strip
Thickness (mm) 1.0-3.2 1.0-3.0
Yield Stress(Mpa) 230-300 300-350
Max.Forming speed(m/min) 16-18
Roller Material D2
Roller driven type Hydraulic motor driven
Controller PLC
Operation Touch screen and button
Hydraulic system pressure(MPA) 25
Hydraulic station motor power(KW) 7.5
Total power(kw) 30
Total weight(kg) about 12000