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Zhongtuo roof panel forming machine is designed for producing metal sheet roof panel by cold rolled products in large and massive quality

High speed roofing sheet roll forming machine

High speed roofing sheet roll forming machine

High speed roofing sheet roll forming machine is designed based on the normal speed roofing sheet machine, it can reach working speed of 45m/min. The drawing profile could be any type. Different with the tradtional roofing sheet machine, it uses high strong frame with machine cooling down system, using gearbox as the transmission method. In the following part, I will take a random popular drawing profile for example, to show how the machine is designed.

High speed roofing sheet roll forming machine
High speed roofing sheet roll forming machine pictures for your reference:
Here are some parameters of high speed roofing sheet roll forming machine for your reference:

High speed roofing sheet roll forming machine 2
5 ton hydraulic uncoiler with loading car,feeding cutter,roll forming machine,forming cutter,Siemens control box,cutting device,hydraulic system,Siemens PLC control system, 12M auto stacker with 3m side run-out conveyor and auto leveling.

Main Forming


Forming steps stations 20 roller stations
sheet Sheet feeding guider 1 set
Roll forming speed 40 M/Min
Total Power: Total Power 85HP
Shaft diameter 85mm material S45C with hardern and grinding
Design type Memorial arch
roller material GCr12MoV steel
shaft material 40Cr steel
Transport By gear
Power of main machine 11kw
Type of cutting Hydraulic
Cutting tolerance ±1mm
Cutter SKD-11 with feeding hardern HRC 58-60
Length setting By encoder 2 set
Working pressure 40MPA


High speed roofing sheet roll forming machine 1Features of High speed roofing sheet roll forming machine:

  1. Working speed could reach 45m/min.
  2. Any type drawing profile could be high speed type.
  3. Flying cutting system.
  4. Gearbox transmission to make machine working steady and long time to use.
  5. Strong machine frame
  6. Water cooling system.
  7. Hydrailic cooling down system.


There are more pictures of high speed roofing sheet machine for your refernece:

Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine

Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine

We are professional roof tile roll forming machine manufacturer, our city located in Botou county, Cangzhou city, Hebei province.

We can produce many different kinds of roof tile roll forming machine for the
customer. Our machine can use the steel coils thickness from 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm.


Our machine are customized, if the customer have their drawing, then we can design
the roof tile machine as customer’s drawing. If the customer are not familiar with the roof tile drawing,then we can send our tile drawings catalogue to the customer  to let them have a choose.

Our machine have exported to more than 70 countries until now, our machine is  good quality with low price. we can produce both the automatic machine and the  half automatic machine for customer.

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