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U channel roll forming machine

Ground solar pillar roll forming machine

Ground solar pillar roll forming machine

What ground solar pillar products can benift you?

  1. Normally speaking, when big project of photovoltaic systems, we  use concrete bar (block),  foundation form (Special Foundation ) and need to consult a professional design engineer. But now the worker can do installation simply according to the drawing.
  2. The new design solar pillar cab do quick installation and construction of power station with large ground photovoltaic system.
  3. I t is flexible regulation to meet the complex requirements of the construction site.
  4. Meanwhile to streamline the number of accessories to facilitate on-site workers to identify and install.

Here are some installation pictures for your reference:

Ground solar pillar roll forming machine

Now the machine, we designed to make the photovoltaic systems in batch and fullly automatic, first drawing profile:

Ground solar pillar roll forming machine 1

Here is the machine picture we made for your reference:

Ground solar pillar roll forming machine 2For more information and detail inforamtion of this machine, please contact us at any time.


High quality Zhongtuo ceiling or wall participation U channel or metal track, roll forming machine

The machine working speed could reach 26m/min within the material thickness 0.4-0.8mm. Different with other cold roll forming machines, ours put quality at the first place. Normally speaking, our machine could use more than 10 year without any problem.

For making what kind of U channel, we will customize according to customer requirement, including machine power size and others also could be customized according to customer needs.

Where the U channel could be used for:

  1. Use the U channel for the main light keel when ceiling making.
  2. For interior wall building, this is made for making a big room into more small rooms.
  3. Normally speaking U channel or metal track will be used together with C stud as cross light keel.
  4. Compared with wood keel, metal U channel has advantage of light weight, easy to install, durable and others.


Here are some machine parameters for your reference:


Here are some machine basic parameters for your reference
Raw material Processing material: GI
Material thickness: 0.4—0.8mm
Material hardness:550 MPA—350 MPA
Formed width: 65mm
Forming speed: 20m/min
Main machine information size and weight Length of the main part: 3300х800х1400mm
Weight of main part: 3 tons
Voltage Voltage : 380V/50HZ3Phase (as customer’s request)
Roller fixer Guide column
Frame middle plate welded, memorial arch frame type
Frame thickness: 25mm
Drive mode gear box
Material of rollers GCr12MoV
Material of shafts 45# steel with tempering
Diameter of shafts φ40mm
Number of rollers 10 rollers
Main power 3kw
Cyclical planetary gear speed reducer
Noted: different sizes will be produced by adjusting the spacers by hand.


Main elements of the machine
Decoiler 1 set
Main roll forming machine 1 set
Punching machine 1 set
Flying track cutting saw 1set
Computer for PLC station 1 set
Counter 1 set
Hydraulic Station 1 set
Runout table 1 set


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