roof panel roll forming machine

Roof Panel Forming Machine

Zhongtuo roof panel forming machine is designed for producing metal sheet roof panel by cold rolled products in large and massive quality. Our machine was designed by high level domestic supplier researching team for pursuing high accuracy and fashion design finished products since 1996. With more than 16 years experience of designing, developing and manufacturing roof panel forming machines, we have confidence that our products can satisfy all your needs.

Where to use:

Zhongtuo roof panel forming machine finished products are extensively used in building steel-structure large-scale warehouses, plants, supermarkets, shopping malls, trade markets, stadiums, holiday villages, sanatoriums, hotels, villas, residences and different kinds of greenhouses.

Those machines are good for those who need to build a company running roof panel or those companies who need to add a new production line for enhancing production rate.

roofing panel roll forming machine

Zhongtuo roof panel forming machine is composed of decoiler, leveling entry, roll forming unit, shear and cutting device, hydraulic station, run-out table, and electronic control system.

Decoiler– Roll Forming–PLC System—Hydraulic System –Pressing –Cutting —Output Table

Features of Zhongtuo roof panel forming machine:

  1. Fully automatic production line for producing roof panel.
  2. Fashion design of machine and finished products.
  3. Strong tech and developing team supported.
  4. Saving energy up to 30% compared the machine in the market.
  5. Durable to use, normally 20 years without any problem.
  6. High working speed, it could reach 110m/min Max.
  7. The material of the whole machine uses high grade 40# steel plated with Chrome.
NO Main Parameters of roof panel roll forming machine
1 Suitable to process colored steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate
2 Control system PLC control
3 Productivity 15m/min, 35m/min, 110m/min
4 Width of the raw material 1000mm or according to customers’ need
5 Thickness of the plate 0.3-0.8mm
6 Rollers 13rows
7 Diameter of the rollers Φ70mm
8 Rolling galvanization thickness 0.05mm
9 Material of the cutting blade Cr12
10 Material of the rollers high grade 40# steel plated with Chrome
11 Dimension 6000*1300*1300mm
12 Weight About 3t
13 Voltage 380V 50Hz 3Phases
14 Power main motor power: 4kw  hydraulic power: 4kw

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Video of Product:

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