5 tons manual decoiler and 5 tons automatic decoiler comparation

Normally the decoilers are used for the cold roll forming machines, some used for the roof tile roll forming machines and some used for the purlin roll forming machines and keel roll forming machines. The function of the decoiler is to support the steel coils and to feed the material to the forming machines. There are manual decoilers and automatic decoilers, the automatic decoilers have more functions than the manual decoilers, the automatic decoiler adopt electric motor transmission and hydraulic expansion, and some automatic decoiler also have the loading car to carry the steel coils and put the coils on the decoiler support hand, this will let the loading work much easier, and of course at the same time the price of the automatic decoiler is much higher than the manual decoiler. Normally the manual decoiler is enough for the production, because it is cheaper, this will save a lot of money for the buyer. But in some developed countries, their labor salary is very high, so compared with the automatic decoiler cost, the customer will also choose to buy the automatic decoiler. Because the automatic decoiler is much easier to operate, you just need to put the steel coils on the carry car and then you can control the car to put the coils on the decoiler hand. This is safe and high efficiency. For the manual decoiler, you have to take out the decoiler shaft first and then insert into the steel coil and then use the gantry crane to put it on the decoiler, and use wrench to expand the shaft, this is not efficiency and not safe. And at the same time, because the automatic decoiler adopt the motor to transmission but not pulled by the roll forming machine, so the automatic decoiler is more stable than the manual decoielr. Normally the decoiler for the roof tile roll forming machine is 5 tons loading capacity, 5 tons manual decoiler cost 800 USD, and 5 tons automatic decoiler with a car cost 7000 USD. 5 tons decoiler