Metal drain pipe/ 6 inch gutter roll forming machine

Metal drain pipe/ 6 inch gutter roll forming machine could be used to make drain pipe or gutter fully automatic in batch. The gutters protect your most valuable asset, by moving more water away from your house, faster than any other gutter in its class. And it allows the maximum water flow of a large gutter, with the look of a smaller, more attractive system.
Basesd on the market needed, we design the machine for making drain pipe or 6 inches gutter by fully automatic roll forming principle. The machine is composed by manual decoiler, leveling beach, roll forming machine, shearing system and runout out table, PLC control sysyem, and hydraulic system.
Working speed: 3—8m/min . Take the following drawing profile for your reference:
6 inch gutter roll forming machine
The following are machine parameters for your reference:
3-Main roll forming machine
Frame: Longmen wallboard type
The roller number: 18 rollers
Roller material: Cr12
Shaft diameter: 60mm, 45# steel
Roller heat treatment: Quenching, HRC58-62
Material thickness: 1.5 mm to 2.0 mm
The standard cutting size: 198 mm (According to customer request design of blade shape)
Standard forming size: 185 mm
Length tolerance : ±0.1 mm
Diagonal tolerance : ±0.1 mm
The motor power: 3.5 kw
Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3Phase (As customer’s request)
6 inch gutter roll forming machine1
4-Hydraulic cutting
Cutting type:Hydraulic cutting Blade material: Cr12MoV
Blade quantity: 1 set Cutting frame: 1 set
Mould material: Cr12MoV Motor power: 3 kw
6 inch gutter roll forming machine 1
Our machine is capable of producing drain pipe and gutters beautifully and fully automatically. It has been tested by the Housekeeping Institute, and carries the Housekeeping and warranty. Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that not only do we believe in our product, so does Housekeeping and more customers.