850 water corrugated roof roll forming machine used and characteristics
Water corrugated roof roll forming machine contact:main roll forming machine、PLC、cutting system。Color steel roll forming machine’s characteristic and uses:Our company’s roll forming machine Both solemn and elegant, and beautiful novel ,And the appearance of smooth, corrugated uniform, high utilization, high strength, high degree of automation, low cost, durable.The main pan for medium to large enterprises civil construction, such as factories, machines garages, hangars, stadiums galleries, theaters, etc..

Installation Dimensions: 4600mm × 1300mm × 1000mm
Total weight: about 3000kg
Effective coverage: 850mm
Electronic control system: all using industrial computer PLC control
Normal operating noise is not greater than 75dB (A),the roll forming machine can withstand the 1mm below of galvanized sheet or color steel.
water ripple forming machine based on the traditional of the forming machine,and the new line of the computer automation forming machine,antiquing  glazed tile production line,floor deck production line,composite board production line technology.

The characteristic of ZT-850 color steel roll forming machine :
(1)Adopt a high level of automatic control software, production information management.
(2)The entire unit automation control system uses highly integrated network, enabling superior performance automation systems.
(3)Also has the operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical commissioning mold advantages of easy replacement.