840/900 double Caigang pressure tile machine

840/900 double Caigang pressure tile machine do with different colors of galvanized steel or color steel or aluminum plate as raw materials, production of products used to build houses of the external roof panels and wall panels and interior trim panel or, ceilings, etc. the increase the roof or wall appearance, and durability.
Detailed introduction:
840/900 double Caigang pressure tile machine main technical parameters:
Equipment outline dimension: 6500mm*1300mm*1500mm
Total weight of equipment: 3600kg
Host: 300H steel frame structure
Plate thickness: 16mm
Rolling forming row number: Upper: 9 row (900) lower: 11 row (840)
Molding shaft material: 45# steel quenching treatment
Molding shaft size: diameter 72 (Shi Xin)
Molding press roller material: 45# steel plating hard chromium treatment
Transmission mode: chain wheel chain drive / hydraulic motor drive
Chain wheel chain specification: 0.6 inch
Equipment total power: 6KW
Molding machine power: 3KW
Equipment forming speed: 8-10 M / min / hydraulic drive 15 meters per minute
Rolling material thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
Equipment into the board width: 1000mm/1000mm (can be customized widening, widening the width of the plate: 1200mm/1200mm)
Computer control system: equipment adopts PLC industrial computer control system, system contains 5.7 inches of liquid crystal display Taiwan Delta, in both Chinese and English control program.

Hydraulic shear system: the main hydraulic shear power of 3 kW, shear Cr12 mould adopts the high temperature quenching process. Equipment adopts the hydraulic shear system, with the gear pump working principle, hydraulic pump station system contains a, hydraulic oil cylinder one, two hydraulic oil pipes, solenoid valve two sets.
Production of no production.840/900 840/900 double color coated steel pressure watt machine with galvanized steel or different colors of the color steel plate or aluminum plate as raw materials, production of products for the construction of housing outer roof panels and wall panels and interior decoration plate or, ceilings, etc., to increase the roof or walls of the beautiful, and resistance to use double Caigang pressure tile machine length limit, according to the construction requirements in the computer controller set different sets of data, one click “confirm”, the device automatically according to the computer to set the data for different length of finished products. The production of the finished product surface smooth, flat, no scratches, ease of construction installation. Products in line with national steel structure building standards.