Aluminum plating zinc coil is an important alloy materials, which is often  used in our daily life.  At it  is  composed of  aluminum zinc alloy structure,  so it is nearly 3 times better in corrosion resistance than  pure zinc; meanwhile on the surface Aluminum plating zinc coil, we can create beautiful  zinc flower for building outside using.

Where to use:

  • Buildings construction: Aluminum plating zinc is often used on walls, roof: garage, noiseproof walls, pipes and combined housing or others.
  • Automobile: exhaust pipe, windshield wiper accesories, fuel tank, truck box etc..
  • Household appliances: refrigerators backplane, gas stove, air conditioner, electronic oven, LCD frame, CRT explosion-proof belt, LED back light, electrical cabinet.
  • Agriculture: pig house, sheds, granary, greenhouse with pipeline and other: thermal insulation cover, heat exchanger, dryer, water heater etc..


Main specification of Aluminum plating zinc coil

Standard JIS,SGCC,EN,ASTM,GBT,DIN,BS or other equalized
Length Adjustable
Wide available from 800mm to 1250mm
Thickness available from 0.18mm to 1.2mm
Zinc coating 30-275g/m2
Lacquer thickness according to customer requirement
Coat fabric 2/1(two coats for top, 1 coats for bottom) or 2/2
Paint PE,PVDF,PU,SMP,HDP and so on
Surface performance smooth, matt or anti-scratch
Color according to customer requirement
Tolerence +/-10%
Packing Export packing
Weight/coil ≤6T
ID/coil 508mm


Features of Aluminum plating zinc coil:

  • Corrosion resistance:mainly because the aluminum chemical property, when heated it will change to alumina to protect inner part. When zinc is worn, aluminum will form a layer of dense alumina, preventing corrosion of internal corrosive substances further.
  • Heat resistance: it can withstand high temperatures over 300 degrees and quite same as aluminized plate in this aspect, so it is often used in chimneys, oven, lighting device and fluorescent lamp shade.
  • Heat reflective: heat reflectance is nearly two times than galvanized steel sheet material,people often use it to make thermal insulation.
  • Economy: because it is composed 55% AL-Zn density and the Zn density is small, so in the same weight Aluminum plating zinc steel is much larger than Plated steel sheet.

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