840-920 automatic Caigang pressure tile machine equipment

1, using synchronous pressure, 11 rows of 840 axis molding, 920 to 9 rows of molding, smooth face, no wrinkles, no delimit paint phenomenon.
2, the fuselage uses the 300mmH steel welding, the middle plate uses the 14mm steel plate welding.
3, the shaft made of 45# steel, processing rear axle body size 70mm, solid shaft, wheel die made of 45# steel molding, hard chrome plated surface.
4, the transmission uses 6 points double chain wheel, the chain transmission (the internal hanging type), the 3KW planetary gear reducer, the movement is stable, no noise.
5, the plate is connected with the steel plate, which ensures that the machine does not change when pressed.
6, transmission bearings using high-quality 210 high speed double sealed bearings, maintenance free, in order to extend the service life of the machine.
7, hydraulic shear system using CDF-10 gear pump, working independently, motor power 3kw, no noise and smooth running, use long life, shear with iron welding and heavy.

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