Bending Machine manufacturers prompted the details can not be ignored

Bending machine in operation, the details are important. Bending Machine Manufacturers Here, you are prompted bender details can not be ignored.
1, bending machine bending produced distorted results, if uneven force balanced primary outbreak, sir discontinuity balanced, you bend, balance the level of discontinuity, the outbreak of distortion. Processing format: Imagine the force balance, precision machining, assembly adjustment just sloppy.
Bending Machine manufacturers prompted the details can not be ignored
2, bending machine with steel, aluminum, black steel, through the molding machine to roll continuous roll forming. Alternative differences rolls, all kinds of differences can be rolled open, semi-open, blocking profiles. Such as: light steel keel, fasting steel doors, car doors, gates, cable bridge, highway divider panels, electrical cabinets columns, metal roof, container panels plate. Active length, cut.
3, bending machine main drive side, the use of tapered roller bearings for spindle runout in 0.04MM to table, the spindle will not guarantee you ran, plain ball bearing itself has a gap in the transmission can not really cut avoid axial movement.
4, precision machining roller bender is moment, for specially manufacture the common things in the projector, be reduced by 20 times the resting detection.
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