Brick Color Stone Granule Coated Steel Roof Tile


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Cicular Roof TileRomanAspirant
Overall length1170mm1335mm1250mm1675mm
Length of covering1080mm1260mm1190mm1600mm
Width of covering375mm375mm358mm369mm
Roof cover/ tile0.4 sq.m0.47 sq.m0.426 sq.m0.59 sq.m
Tiles /m2.
Weight / tile2.3kgs2.6kgs3.1kgs3.9kgs

Brick Color Stone Granule Coated Steel Roof Tile
A) Light-weighed, environment friendly, and economical: As light as 6kg/m2, approximately 1/8 of that of clay tile and cement tile. It is proved to reduce cost as is easy transported and installed. Moreover, it is widely used due to its recyclables in the construction of villa, mansion, chamber, and so on.
B) Sturdy and durable: It is so far the most economical roof age, for it is waterproof and heatproof, freezing tolerance, fireproof, ageing-resistant, and can resist erosion.
C) Easy installed: This material is flexible and easy to cut. Approximately 2 pieces is enough for ever square meter. It is safe and convenient in installation and maintenance.
D) Windproof: It is suitable for all kinds of roof, including that of high buildings due to its special way of installation -to nail it horizontally. And it is also proved to be windproof in many projects.
E) Pleasing to the eye: Owing to the diffuse reflection of vermiculites, its flamboyant looking and tridimensional appearance, metal roofing tiles enjoy great popularity worldwide.

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