C Channel Solar Stand Roll Forming Machine

1,Technical parameters of machine
Width of material sheet:≤200 mm
Thickness of material sheet: 1.5~3.0mm
Material of sheet:Low carbon,etc
Line production speed:8m/min including punching
Length of the work piece:2000-6000 mm
Total Power:41KW.
2,General structure of equipment
2.1Passive De-coiler
Width of material sheet:≤250 mm;Thickness of material sheet:≤2.5mm;
Inner diameter: 508mm Range of expanding: 480-520 mm
Maximum outer diameter: φ1300mm, loading: ≤3T
2.2 Leveler
Working roller: Five rollers type leveling machine
Motor:380V 5.5KW 4 grade
2.3Servo feeder
Function:material feeding
Motor: 380V 3KW 4grade,additional air compressor(Air pressure0.5m3/min pressure0.6MPa )
2.4 Punching press
Punching press: Uses the steel plate welding fuselage, the rigidity is strongwith good appearance .Uses the combined type air operated friction clutch.
Motor:380V 2.5KW 4grade
2.5 Main forming machine
Forming stations:24stations(roller)
Forming machine:C channel
Forming frame:Dragon-type,gearbox drive
Max. Feeding width:≤200mm
Max. Feeding thickness:2~2.5mm
2.6 Cutting machine
Flying saw cutting without bur
Motor power: 2.2KW
Quantity of cutting blades: 1sets Cutting type:Flying saw cutting without bur
2.7 Run-out table
2.8 Electric control system

U-shape-solar-pillar-roll-forming-machines U-shape-solar-pillar-roll-forming-machine

Main Machine Technical parameter

,NO. Name unit parameter remark
1 materials Type Mild steel  galvanized sheet
Plate strength ≥350
Plate thickness mm 1.5~2.5
2 specification mm See the picture
3 speed m/min 6~8
4 Material of the roller GCr15 Hardening treatment
5 drive type Gear box
6 power kw About40
7 Electrical control system PCL frequency control
8 Size(lengthXwidthXheight) m 35X4X3.9