C Z interchange purlin roll forming machine

We will make one machine to produce C Z interchange purlin roll forming machine together. To save the time and artificial,we will improve the machine change size with automatic. Meanwhile, you will change different size via PLC and slideway. In order to save the cost and time for blade, we will make the machine pre-cutting and pre-punching.

1.The profile drawing

CZ interchange purlin roll forming machine 1 CZ interchange purlin roll forming machine 22.Working flow:
Uncoiler—Feeding—Leveling– hydraulic punching—Hydraulic cutting—Roll forming—output table

CZ interchange purlin roll forming machine 3

3.Character of main structure
1)The structure is simple and the appearance of the machine is beautiful because we adopt the shape-steel structure and most of the connecter is screw which make the machine flexible and stronger.
2)All the components of machine are from brand-famous enterprise so that they ensure the machine normal function very effectively.
3)We adopt the automatic length-fixed forming and cutting to guarantee the length to be precise and the finished product clear without deforming.
4)It is very easy to install the equipment and suitable for producing in the factory.
5)Low noise with high efficiency
6)The width of the profile can be automatic adjusted and the last 10 roller stations can be overturned to make C&Z purlin

CZ interchange purlin roll forming machine 4

4.Main Specification
A.5T manual decoiler
1)Capacity: 5ton
2)Loading width: MAX 500mm
3)Valid expanding range for coil inner diameter: 480-520mm

B.Main roll forming system
7)Main motor power: 15kw
8)Feeding and leveling power: 4KW
9)Hydraulic power:5.5KW
10)Hydraulic pressure: 20Mpa
11)Punching: Hydraulic pre-punching before forming
12)Punching mould:Cr12mov
13)Cutting: Hydraulic pre-cutting before forming, Auto cutting when reach the set length.
14)Cutting blade: Cr12mov
15)Cutting tolerance: +/- 1.5mm
16)Drive: Chain
17)Roller material: Gcr15 steel and quench treatment hardness 55-58, chrome coated 0.05mm
18)Leveling rollers: 7rollers(three upper and four lower)
19)Roll station: 16groups
20)Raw material: 1.5-3.0mm
21)Valid width after fromed: 100mm-300mm
22)Motor for width adjusting: 4.5KW(1.5KW*3)
23)Working speed: 10m–15m/min(Exclude cutting time)
24)Length Tolerance: ±1.5mm
25)Weight of machine: about 14ton
26)Size of machine: About 11000×1800×1800mm L x W x H
27)Color of machine: depend on customer
28)Coder: Omron
29)Control: PLC 380V 50HZ
30)Computer operating panel: touching screen

CZ interchange purlin roll forming machine 5

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