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Comparisons between C-section steel press and Z-section steel press
A. When the general roof load is large, the calculation of C-purlin is difficult or the calculation result needs to choose the super-large C-purlin, Z-purlin should be considered.
B. In areas with large basic wind pressure, purlin calculation is often controlled by wind suction, and Z purlin can also be used when it is difficult to calculate with C purlin.
Characteristic of C-section steel machine and Z-section steel machine:
Because the inertia distance of type A and Z purlins in weak axis direction is larger than that of type C purlins, there are many types of type C steel machines, so their integrity is better than that of type C purlins. Type C steel machines are generally suitable for roofs with gentle slopes, while type Z steel is suitable for roofs with slopes greater than 1/4.
B. Because the connection should be firmly overlapped, the overlapped purlins will become continuous purlins, while C purlins can only be calculated according to simple purlins.
C and Z purlins are smaller than C purlins, which can save material and reduce cost. But installation and transportation are more complicated than C purlin.
The production process equipment of color steel tile machinery and equipment is very simple, mainly vibration machine and plastic mould, with little investment. But the production efficiency is very low. Because of the use of thinner concrete material, rather than compaction, the internal pore is more, so the flexural strength of this kind of tile is poor. In addition, the life of plastic mold is also limited, making the cost and price of this color tile are higher, and it is not competitive. So far, it has not been welcomed by users and few applications. However, as a color tile processing method is very distinctive.
Firstly, the four corners of the front and back queues of the color steel tile machine are aligned from the frame to the end of the axle. Then, from the first row to the last row, find a line to straighten, check whether the lower axle is in a straight line, and adjust the left and right sides of the lower axle to a level.
Find the center of the first and last row of the color steel tile equipment, then fasten the lock mother on both sides, draw a straight line before and after the center of the middle wheel, and adjust the gap between the upper and lower axles, then adjust the machine along the straight line.
When the floor steel bearing plate is installed, it can be used as a construction platform. At the same time, it does not need to use temporary support, and it does not affect the work of the next floor construction plane.
The steel bearing slab on the floor can be used as the floor reinforcement, which reduces the workload of installing the steel reinforcement on the color steel tile equipment.
According to the different cross-section shape of the steel bearing slab on the floor, the amount of floor concrete can be reduced by up to 30%, the floor weight can be reduced correspondingly, the size of beams, columns and foundations can be reduced, and the overall performance of the structure can be improved.