C/Z/U/Omiga Purlin Exchange Roll Forming

Product Description
The automatic / semi automatic C&Z purlin exchange roll forming machine uses one equipment to be possible to produce the C&Z purlin by the automatic / manual simple control system for different sizes. When the size change, operater does not need to replace the forming roller.
The production process selects the automatic control method, operater can change the parameters by PLC control system for cutting length, longitudinal pitch of holes, quantity and so on to carry on the automatic punch holes, cutting and roll forming.
This line consists with the guider, leveler, hydraulic hole punch device, the hydraulic cutting device, fast roller exchange forming machine, the electric controlled system, etc.

Technique data:
1, Working piece thickness: 1.5— 3mm
2, Distance of punching hole side-to-side adjustment range: 45~500mm
3, Length: 2-6m
4, Total motor power about: 20KW
5, Forming station: 17 sets