Characteristic of Roller shutter door machine

Fast door is also called Roller shutter door machinand high-speed Roller shutter door machine by industry. It is an industrial door which can realize accurate positioning through PLC control system, industrial frequency converter and encoder control (PVC material). It is mainly used in food, electronics, printing and other environmentally demanding workplaces. It mainly plays the role of rapid isolation to ensure the dust-free air quality of workshop.

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Fast rolling shutter is an introduction, which refers to the operation speed of more than 0.6 meters per second. It belongs to a barrier-free isolation door with fast lifting. Its main functions are heat preservation, moisturization, dust prevention, insect prevention, sound insulation, etc. to keep the workshop in a constant temperature, humidity and clean working environment. It is suitable for food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical industry, automobile, textile, logistics and other fields. Fast door is composed of door frame system, door curtain system, driving motor, control system and control system. Frame system: The main material is made of aluminium alloy. Door curtain system: mainly composed of PVC fabric or aluminium alloy profiles.

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