Do you know the factors that affect the roll design of cold roll forming equipment?

With our understanding of cold forming equipment understanding, we will find that according to different equipment, the specific design of the roll is not the same, the specific number of roll stand what is right? In fact, there is no strict standards, which will be affected by many factors, here we do the related introduction we all know the cold forming process is a very complex process, the production process there are still many problems remain to be solved, if the roller design is not reasonable, in the debugging process will appear edge wave, longitudinal bending, pouched wave, corner wrinkle, crack and distortion of deformation defects. After problems re design the working roll, will cause great waste of manpower resources.

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The causes of roll design unreasonable, in fact, there are a lot of itself, the thickness of the material and information, and the experience of the designer to design ability will affect the effect of roll, and the frame number, and different defects may be different times influence, generally speaking, the front and the back of the road the middle of the road than the road impact on pouched wave greatly, especially the road behind, a greater impact. Behind the times larger on the same cross section and the effect of longitudinal bending, roll configuration, plate plate is more prone to longitudinal bending. With each pass possible side wave front. The way of side wave appears to influence, a little thin plate are more prone to side wave than a little thick plate, wide narrow side to side wave. So that the impact of these factors, we in the actual Roll forming equipment design, for the material to be used, the reasonable of design, if the technology is not particularly in place, just to be on the safe side, increase the number of road, so a problem occurs, the room for amendment will be relatively large.