Construction technology and operating points of color steel roll forming machine

Fixation Color tile press equipment installation have transmissive and a dark button concealed in two.Transmissive fixation is the most common way to color-coated steel roofing and siding installation of equipment, which uses self-tapping screws or rivets color plates fixed to the support member (eg purlins) on, transmission fixed into a fixed crest, trough fixed or their combination.Dark button concealed fixation is with dark button color plate supporting the special fixation dark button first fixed to the support member (eg purlins), the center color plates of female ribs ribs and dark buckle teeth together, generally used for housing panel installation.

color steel roll forming machine construction technology

Lateral and end color plates lap. When you install each piece of steel, it should be accurately placed on the front side lap on a steel plate and a steel plate clamping and front until both ends of the plate are fixed so far.A simple and effective method is to use a pair of gripping pliers are clamped by the overlapping plates.When the plate in the longitudinal direction in place, especially its upper end portion required pliers take the side part,This ensures that the steel plate in place at one end of lap one end and also in the correct position to hold the plate in a fixed process, should always be in the longitudinal grip clamp plate.For end lap, due to the shape of the roof and wall panels are made using the method of continuous process, so that transport conditions may limit the length of the supply plate, usually do not require lap, steel roofing laying length is sufficient to meet the needs of .

Tapping screw selection should follow the life of the structure when the fixing screw fastener selection to choose from, and pay special attention to the life of the specified fasteners life is consistent overcoat material.Current supply can be provided with a plastic screw head, stainless steel cap or coated with a special durable protective layer,Furthermore, in addition to dark fasten with screws, other screws all with waterproof gasket, and for the case of lighting panels and are equipped with special pressure under the corresponding special washers.

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