Color steel tile press machining process:

Color steel tile press is divided into three departments: the department roll finale, profiling sector, cut department. Roll finale sector is provided by the electric motor power, chain driven rollers and rolling each other, except by force, profiling sector, is driven to move up and down mold in the hydraulic cylinder can make color steel pressed out regular festival-like, the shape of the shoe, then under the action of shearing blade, according to the requirements of cut to the appropriate size.
These are the tile color steel tile press equipment through by pressing out. Color steel color plate into the molding equipment through a variety of roller, pressed into all kinds of plate, sheet and then become suitable can be used via shear processing.

Color tile press
Color steel tile press handsome in appearance, construction convenient, fast, maintenance-free characteristics. Wave plate steel tile tile equipment: for all kinds of building decorative roof, eave decoration. Has a rich color, long life, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, convenient construction, light weight and other characteristics by the use of and connection can be divided into ordinary lap, buckle cover type, style seams, material: galvanized steel sheet, F galvanized high-strength steel and other G followed by steel tile universal application, many large industrial plants, warehouses, steel roof trusses and large equipment, are used in steel tile, or called color plate, color-coated steel or even glass formula equipment, making the building the appearance of our lives, the more rich and colorful, beautiful and tidy.
Color steel tile press pressing the colored metal pressure plate series – is the use of color-coated steel sheet by roll roll forming of various waveforms pressure plate. Including color pressure plate, color curved steel, color board wave tile, color steel ceiling panels.
Color pressure plate: for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, large-span steel structure housing the maintenance of the structure and decoration. Color curved steel plate having a light weight, high strength, rich color, long life, maintenance-free, construction and convenient features: mainly to solve the pressure plate at different angles arc crossing transition problems, not only for the roof cornice arc shut, too It can be used for curved roofing.

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