Color tile roll forming machine difference hollow shaft and solid shaft

The volume of space occupied by the hollow shaft is relatively large, but it can reduce the weight.According to material mechanics analysis, when the shaft transmitting torque from the radial cross-section view, the more effective the greater outside the local transfer torque effect.When the shaft need to pass a larger torque, you need thick shaft diameter.
And because the smaller torque transmission portion in the axial role, it is generally hollow to reduce the weight of the shaft.
1, if the situation under the same outer diameter, solid than hollow bending, torsion should be good.
2, if it is of the same quality (or the same cross-sectional area), hollow than solid good, and saving materials, but not necessarily the economy (because hollow difficult to process the material, although the province but to improve the processing costs)
3, than the strength of the hollow material and should be better than some of the stiffness under normal circumstances.

Color tile roll forming machine
Here I give you a detailed introduction about the selection criteria it about an axis.
â’ˆ : If material thickness 0.5-1.0mm) recommend pressure-type spindle must use solid shaft, pressure shaft of large solid products produced better accuracy.
â’‰: Large frame 300 as a channel welded undercarriage, easy distorted. Motor and sprocket chain must choose the brand.
â’Š: PLC computer configuration quality and hydraulic stations on election also good.
Step four: forming roller 45 # steel must ensure and enhance long-term of use, wear resistance.Color tile press difference hollow shaft and solid shaft, in the same material, the cross-sectional area equal to the case, the hollow shaft is stronger than solid shaft torsional ability, can withstand greater external torque.At the same moment the situation outside, the choice of the hollow shaft material than solid shaft province.This can also be seen from the circular cross section of the stress distribution, the maximum shear stress on the circumference of a solid shaft when shear stress is close to Xu, the middle part of the shear stress and the allowable shear stress is also very far, most of the middle of the material did not fully its role.But more than the hollow shaft solid shaft manufacturing difficulties, cost is also high, in practice, to specific conditions, a reasonable choice of cross-sectional shape and size.

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