Cut to length line is used to divided the steel coils into the required width coils.specialized designed for the color steel manufacuture factories,slitting machine easy to operate,convenient to use.The slitting length can be infinite extend.
1.Basic technical parameters of coils
Feeding material width:1250mm
Coil weight:10T

2.working process
Coil-loading——roller leveling——End-cutting—-Recoiling——Hydraulic control——Electric control
3.Main technical specification of equipments
3.1 10Ton Electric decoiler
Usage: It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way.
Passive uncoil pulled by electric.
Loading capacity: 10T
Uncoiling width: 1250mm
Inner diameter: 450-550mm

3.2 Leveling&straightening Cutting pat
1. Leveling roller number 7
2. Leveling roller diameter 100mm
3. Roller material Hardness: 45Cr by HRC58-62 (straightening quenching,grinding.)
4. Main power 7.5kw
5 .Bearing Takes rolling bearing mode:22209
6. Power system Motor drive, driven by the speed reducer and then give power to gear.
7. Max cutting thickness 0.3mm
8. Cutting width 1250mm
3.3 Recoiler
Usage: It is used to recoil the steel coil
Loading capacity: 10T
Inner diameter: 450-550mm
3.4 Hydraulic station
1.Hydraulic motor Power:3kw
2.Hydraulic oil: 46#
Components: The system includes a set of hydraulic tank, a set of hydraulic oil pump, and two hydraulic pipes. And one set of electromagnetism valves.
3.5 Electric control system
This production line adopts 380V, 50HZ power frequency power supply, which is
controlled by the control cabinet. Composed by inverter, PLC, and the system is
finished by the frequency conversion motor.
1. PLC
2 .Frequency converter Huichuang
3. Text displayer China brand
4. Circuit breaker, contactor, button, , CHINT, Schneider
5. Free maintenance and replacement parts within the first year(except for or natural
disasters). And we will provide the whole life tech support