Cut to Length Machine Line
Cut to length line is use for devided the steel coils into the required width coils by the step uncoiling, shearing, and recoiling.cut to length line suitble for process the hote rolled,and cold rolled carbon steel,stainless steel,color steel materials and so on.
Film Covered&cut to length for sheet coil
Technical Parameters:
1.Material Specification: colored or galvanized sheet
2.Sheet thickness:0.25-2.0mm
3.Coil width:914/1000/1200/1250mm
4.working speed:15-18m/min
5.Film Thickness:0.025mm
6.Power Requirement:main motor power 2.5kw
7.Machine Dimension:about 2680*1350*1450mm

1.Material of processible coiled plate: applied for carbon steel plate;GI or PPGI coils;applied for the cold plate of 5b<=350mpa
2.Thickness of coiled plate:0.6-12mm
3.Width of coiled plate:1600 to 2000mm
4.Coil I.D:508mm,610mm in reel
5.Coil O.D:<=2200mm
6.Weight of coiled plate:15T
7.Precision of leveling:no macroscopic pincher and small marginal wave
8.Length tolerance:+-1.0mm/2000mm
9.Diagonal tolerance:+-1.5mm/2000mm
10.Material of leveling roller:40Cr
11.Hardness of leveling roller surface:HRC48-52
12.Leveling speed:0-25m/mini(adjustable)
13.Calculated by 2m plate:5-6pcs/min
14.Power:440v,3phase,6-HZ or according to buyer’s s request
15.Machine standard: the main componets&damageable component in electronic equipment is in accordance with GB stipulation (the standard of people’s republic of China).

Machine components of cut to lengh:
Hydraulic conical uncoiler:loading capacity of 10T; coil inner diameter;508mm or 610mm;Coil width :1600mm-2000mm;
This is composed of bottom-stand(guiding track pattern),frame,decent device,discharging axes,conical discharging plate,hydraulic pushing device,clutch,and etc;
Hydraulic coil car:loading capacity of 15T,this wagon is used for the movements and lifting of rolling coil plates. The operation and lifting of this dolly is conducted by oil cylinder;
Hydraulic guiding-head, shovel-head device;this is composed of frame-stand,hydraulic arm,pressing &guiding roller,hydraulic leveling -head,shovel-head,and etc.Accompanied with seam needle decelerating motor:7.5kw;
Hydraulic feeding machine:this is composed of frame,torrid stand,squareness slide supporting stand,feeding rollers,hydraulic lifting device,clutch,accompany of decelerator:400,motor :11kw,and etc;
Rolling orbit table:4m,this is composed of bottom-stand,rolling orbit,bearing -stand,and etc;
Guiding device:this is composed of worktable frame,guiding pole,adjustment device,move-able plane plate and clutch with molt i-roller,and etc;
Leveler: Power part :this is composed of power-stand,decelerator 650,direct-current speed adjustable motor:55kw(Euro therm),direct-current cabinet,distributing case,universal joint,and etc;
Host machine:this is composed of leveling-stand,frame,slide,axe roller 15ppcs(roller diameter:140mm),electronic lifting &pressing device,accompany of two motors:3kw
Coding device:this is composed of coding transition table,coding&pinch device,coder,and etc
Cut to length machine line:it is electric control,6.3*2000mm size control or according to buyer’s request:
Worktable,swaying pneumatic pinch machine,this is composed of worktable,frame,rolling orbit,bearing-stand,etc.accompany of seam needle decelerating motor:4kw
Unloading car:vertically and horizontally pneumatic pushing device ,and etc
Full set of electric control system:this is composed of host electric operating desk,front operating table,and etc;
Hydraulic system:this is composed of hydraulic station,pipe,tie-in,etc.hydraulic oil,lubricate oil,pneumatic resource shall provide by the user.