CZ Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line

C or Z shape purlins are made from hot/cold rolled steel strips,and straightened,hole punched,cut to length,and roll formed by C/Z changeable shape purlin roll forming machine. Through changing, this product line can make the change of the shape C or Z purlin,besides change different size of C or Z shape purlin,This change for shape and sizes of C/Z purlin can be realized by automatic mode.
C/Z shape purlin product line consists of uncoiling system,straightening system,hole punching system,shearing system,roll forming system,products support table,hydraulic system,automatic controlling system,and so on. It’s a high efficiency equipment of making purlin,which is suitable for current enterprises.
C/Z Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line
Working Flow
Uncoiling-Sheet Guiding-Straightening&Levelling-Hole Punching-Measuring Length&shearing-Roll Forming-Sheet to support table
Standard drawing

Main Technical Parameters

ProfileC and Z purin


TypeSteel strip
Thickness (mm)1.0-3.21.0-3.0
Yield Stress(Mpa)230-300300-350
Max.Forming speed(m/min)16-18
Roller MaterialD2
Roller driven typeHydraulic motor driven
OperationTouch screen and button
Hydraulic system pressure(MPA)25
Hydraulic station motor power(KW)7.5
Total power(kw)30
Total weight(kg)about 12000