Deck Floor Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Components for the Machine:
The roll forming machine consists of 8-ton hydraulic uncoiler, infeed guide, embossing rollers, fixed position driven forming stations, cutting equipment, hydraulic station, control console, and manual unload product run out table.
Technical Parameters

Material SpecificationAluzinc steel and galvanized steel.
ThicknessWLFM51-326.5-980, 0.75 mm to 1.5mm;
WLFM75-300-900, 0.75mm to 1.50mm.
Main Motor Power22kw (two sections of machine, each secton has one motor with 11kw).
Hydraulic Station Power7.5kw.
Feeding Width1000mm
Cover Width832mm
Steel StressG450 ~ G550.
Roll Forming Speed12 m/minute.
Cutting Tolerance+/-2.5mm(length≤5000mm); +/-3.0mm(5000mm<length≤10000mm).
Hydraulic UncoilerMax. capacity: 8’000kgs.
Coil Inner Diameter508mm.
VoltageAs per customer’s request.
Numbers of Stations26 stations
Type of CuttingRoll-formed and length-set profile cutting.

 Material of Main Equipment

Roller MaterialHigh grade S45C forged steel, coated with hard chrome; some important roller wheels are chosen Cr12 mold steel, coated with hard chrome.
Active Shaft MaterialHigh grade S45C carbon wrought steel, diameter 85mm.
Electric ElementsPLC control console, touch screen and transducer, from Mitsubishi, Japan.
Other elements, from Schneider Electric, Germany.
Cutter bladesCr12MoV steel with quenched treatment, hardness HRC58~61,
wear-resistance, good steel structure, long life.

Process Sketch
Uncoiling the sheet -Infeed guiding -Roll forming -Measure length – Cutting the panel – Panels to the supporter (option: automatic stacker).
Standard Equipment of Machine

1)Manual Uncoiler1 set
2)Infeed Guide1 set
3)Embossing Roller1 set
4)Roll Forming Station1 set
5)Post-cut Equipment1 set
6)Hydraulic Station1 set
7)PLC Control Console1 set
8)Product Support Table2 sets
9)Spare Parts1 box


Packaging & Shipping
1.One 40ft container for loading one set machine with manual decoiler;
2.The whole Wiped Anti Rust Oil, PLC controller covered by foam film;
3.Spare parts and some small parts packed in plastic tooling box;
4.All Components Fixed by steel wire with Container
Q:Are you a manufacturer?
A:Yes absolutely. Welcome a lot for your visiting to us.
Q:What’s the delivery time?
A:Normaly will take 60days
Q:Do you have after-sale support?
A:Yes, we’re always here for giving you advice and support for technical details since we have senior technician.
Q:Is there quality control when manufacturing the lines?
A:Yes, we have a group of team who will be responsible for quality control from laying off the raw material, processing the rollers and the other parts, make treatment on the roller surface and shaft, assembling, testing and packaging.
Q:What’s your strength comparing to the other supplier?
A:We’ll supplying you the best quality and service. We’ll give you good advise beyond your requirements. The lines are easily for installation and with low mantenance requirements.