C-type Light steel keel is a roll-rolling equipment used to produce purlins for steel structure buildings. The C-type Light steel keel is formed by galvanized steel sheet by cold bending and rolling with C-type Light steel keel profiling equipment. Its forming size is accurate and its design is reasonable. They can make C-type Light steel keel steel more effective and improve the bearing capacity of steel structure buildings. It has reasonable size composition, complete specifications and models, and is convenient for design and selection. The products produced by C-section steel machine are mainly used as the main force structure of large and medium-sized industrial and civil buildings.


C-type Light steel keel mill is a set of single-roll cold bending forming machine for steel sheet, which can produce C-type light steel keel products of various specifications and sizes. The C-type Light steel keel is mainly composed of steel coil release frame, feed leveling device, automatic punching device, automatic cut-off device after forming, hydraulic pump station, computer PLC programming control system, etc. The machine adopts automatic production mode, automatic hydraulic punching, easy operation and other characteristics. C-type Light steel keel is a product of C-type Light steel keel, not channel steel, which is made of galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 1mm-3mm by cold bending and rolling. It is used as purlin of steel structure workshop.2017nian3yue1