Double roofing panel roll forming machine using a high level of automatic control software,production information management.The entire unit automation control system uses highly integrated network,automate system and better performance.The double roofing panel roll forming machine also has the operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical commissioning mold advantages of easy replacement.Within about double roofing panel roll forming machine on both sides of the chassis, when mounted lubrication pump, machine work through tubing conveyed to all moving parts friction lubricants.

Working Process of double roofing panel roll forming machine:

Uncoiling→ Feeding material into machine→ Roll forming→ Measuring length→ Step formed→ Auto cutting→ Products receiving

double roofing panel roll forming machine

Main parameters of single layer roofing sheet machine:

1 Weight of main part 5.5 tons
2 Weight of main part About 6.8 Ton
3 Voltage380V/50HZ 3Phase (as customer’s request)
4 Roller fixer middle plate
5 Frame 350 H steel welded
6 Drive mode: chain
7 Material of rollers 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
8Material of shafts45# steel
9Diameter of shaftsφ80mm
11Step height26mm
12Forming speed8-12m/min

double roofing panel roll forming machine

The characteristics of double roofing panel roll forming machine:

This equipment products with light weight, high strength, a major, and good shock resistance,it is widely used in the field of multiple high-rise steel buildings.The roofing panel roll forming machine includes:main machine,PLC computer control system,cutting equipment,professional hydraulic system.
By the company’s roofing panel roll forming machine pressure plate, both dignified and elegant, and beautiful novel, and the appearance of smooth, corrugated uniform, high utilization, high strength, high degree of automation, low cost, durable.The main pan for medium to large enterprises civil construction, such as factories, machines garages, hangars, stadiums galleries, theaters and the like.

We also have single layer panel roll forming machine hydraulic roofing sheet crimping machine and so on.