The reason why we called it full automatic T grid machine is that this machine could help you make T gird without person intervention, from roll forming to punching, this machine could make all perfect and fast.  The machine could make main T gird in the speed of 16m/min.

The working process of full automatic main T gird roll forming machine.

Decoiler—leveling—roll forming machine—punching—cutting to length—runout table.

Features of Zhongtuo main T grid machine:

  1. Full automatic and fast speed.
  2. Low energy consuming, no matter from workforce or electricity.
  3. Easy to operate, normally speaking one week then you can learn how to run it.
  4. The main T grid made by our machine is beautiful in shape and solid when using.

Zhongtuo fully automatic T grid machine is composed by the following elements:

  1. Single or double head decoiler for different types coil.
  2. Main roll forming machine.
  3. Hydraulic punching and servo cutting device.
  4. PLC control station.
  5. Runout table.

Here are some parameters of this full automatic roll forming machine for your reference:

  1. Number of forming rollers: 16 stations
  2. Shaft material: 45# steel with quenched treatment, precision machined, outer diameter: 40mm
  3. Roller material: bearing steel with quenched treatment
  4. Transport: by gear
  5. Forming speed: 0-30m/min

g.Voltage:380v, 50Hz,3 phase (make according to customer needs )

  1. Structure: independent stand

Automatic tracking cutting

No. Name Size and mode number note
1 base frame 100*100*6 1
2 Control station 1 Include switch button
3 Hydraulic station 7.5kw 1 Taiwan motor, low nosie
4 Oil pump 63*80*80 3
5 Cooling device 35Hz 1
6 Sensor Npu 2
7 Encoder 600 1 Omron
8 tachometric wheel 6
9 Servo motor 3.9kw 1 GSK

Full automatic T grid machine