Heavy duty shelf P beam roll forming machine

What is the P beam of shelf?
The goods shelf is made of the following elements: upright pillar, P beam, transverse braces, diagonal braces and self locking bolts. For the for the P beam, there are also two types, one is welding, the other is made by cold roll forming without pointing.
Compared with point welding P beam, without welding type is not strong. So in the following part, I will take the point welding P beam for example.
Here is the drawing profile and finished production pictures for your refernece:

Heavy duty shelf P beam roll forming machine
By a rolling forming and closed welding; welding beam and column and according to hold the pass of different specifications, different collocation column card; 4 surface treatment: shelf surface adopts electrostatic spraying epoxy resin, coating thickness 60~80 micron; spraying process: surface degreasing, pickling, washing, washing, washing, drying, phosphating, high-voltage electrostatic spraying and high temperature curing; 5 production process: automatic punch punching, automatic rolling line, computer fixed length shear folding, CO2 welding, electrostatic spraying (this step according to different customers the color needs to choose different spraying color).
Heavy duty shelf P beam roll forming machine:

Heavy duty shelf P beam roll forming machine
For the machine, here are some parameters for your refernece:
Mainroll former
Machine design, we use the gearbox, it can make sure machine working at high speed. Meanwhile machine working quite steady.
1. Stations of rollers: 26
2. Rollers material: CR 12; HRC 60. Chrome coated: 0.03~0.05mm. The Strength in Mpa: 70TON, 800 MPA
3. Shaft material: Diameter: 70mm, material is #45 steel. Quenched hot treatment.The strengthof the Main Shaft in Mpa:70 tons, 650MPA
4. Bearing brand: FAG Germany
5. Main Motor: 11KW, 380V, 50HZ
6. Gear box with universal joint transmission system