High quality single layer roofing sheet roll forming machine

High quality single layer roofing sheet roll forming machine has the same function to make roofing sheet. But different with the normal quality machine, it can use more than 10 years and has highly working speed. When machine working, it is fully automatic. It has independent stand as frame, machine frame thickness is thicker than 25mm. All the elements of the machine are world famous. Machine mould and shaft all use the best material, even if after long time using, it also can keep perfect shape.

Working Process of single layer roofing sheet roll forming machine:

Uncoiling→ Feeding material into machine→ Roll forming→ Measuring length→ Step formed→ Auto cutting→ Products receiving single layer roofing sheet roll forming machine

Main parameters of single layer roofing sheet machine:

1  Length of the main part  About9500х1650х1500mm
2  Weight of main part  About 6.8 Ton
3  Voltage  380V/50HZ3Phase (as customer’s request)
4  Roller fixer  Middle plate welded
5  Frame  Guide pillar and the thickness is 50mm
6  Frame thickness  25mm
7  Drive mode  Gear
8  Material of rollers  45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
9  Material of shafts  45# steel
10  Diameter of shafts  Φ90mm Solid shafts
11  Number of rollers  16 rollers
14 Main power  11kw(Simon motor )
15 Text screen displayer Japan made
17 Forming speed speed 8-22m/min
18 PLC Control system Japan Panasonic PLC
19 Hydraulic power 5.5KW
20 Gear box China famous brand
21 Chain 1.25
22 Delivery time 30 working days after receiving the deposit


What elements make machine high quality?

1.Machine frame thickness. High quality machine normally has high working speed. So when machine working, the steady ability is very important for you. 2.Machine shaft diameter and roller material. High quality machine can process thicker coil and work long time. So shaft hardness and diameter is very important against bending. 3.The roller material is very important. As for long time using, material will rub roller. Only good quality material can keep perfect shape after long time using. 4.Electrical elements brand. The machine controlled by PLC and powered by motor, so the brand and quality can affect the machine quality too much. Single layer roofing sheet machine video: https://youtu.be/WFYoDREY75M