JCH roof panel roll forming machine used taiwan amounted to a host computer,use a text screen display of the electronic control system,Ease of operation, approachable.The color steel equipment used high-level automatic control software, production information management.The entire unit automation control system uses highly integrated network, enabling superior performance automation systems;The device also has a steel tile operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical commissioning mold advantages of easy replacement.

1 Dimensions 9500mm * 1300mm * 1200mm
2 Motor Performance Host power: 5.5kw
3 Depth: 46mm
4 Rows 20 row track
5 Diameter: 70mm
6 Computer control difference: + 1mm Production speed: 8-10m / min
7 Thickness: 0.2-0.7mm
8 Feed width: 1000mm
9 Effective area: 820mm
10 Spacing: 410mm
11 Large iron plate frame thickness: 14mm
12 Hydraulic station pressure: 0-12Mpa
13 Computer control system PLC computer
14 Total weight (t) around 3.6 tons
15 Large frame material: 350H steel
16 Forming axis: Diameter 68mm 45 # quenched
17 Forming wheel: Material 45 # forged hard chromium plating
18 Transmission: 1 inch sprockets, chains
19 Motor: 5.5KW
20 Forming Rows: 21 row

JCH roof panel roll forming machine

JCH roll forming machine to break the traditional practice of roofing screw connection,45° installation method olive colored snaps installation,make better roofing.The JCH roll forming machine using imported PLC control,mainly used for production of roof,hidden roof,it is the traditional alternative of roof tile press,it can be achieved with other roll forming machine to match all-weather continuous production ,it is to update the traditional roofing screws replacement.Also has the operation,maintenance and mechanical commissioning mold advantages of easy replacement.

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