C/U Channel Roll Forming Machine


C/U Channel Roll Forming Machine is famous for its strong and durable design and Zhongtuo light keel roll forming machines add more features based on these capacities. The machines stated here is able to process metal sheet up to 6mm.Light steel keel now is wildly used in industry factory civil construction such as plate, warehouse, exhibition building, stadium and son on. Except C shape, U shape, we can also make V shape, L shape keels. Meanwhile we could also provides customization, all you need sending us the keel drawings then we can make for you.

Component of C/U Channel Roll Forming Machine

This roll forming machine is made up of uncoiler(decoiler), feeding system, leveling device, roll forming unit, rear cutting part and run out table.
Work flow of machine.

Light Keel Roll Forming Machine1

Features of C/U Channel Roll Forming Machine

  • We can design pouncing dies according to customer requirements.
  • Keel shape mold could be customized.
  • Round circle with protection arm for protecting coil from loosing.
  • Leveling system make sure the output keel straight and then there is no twisting or sideways bedding.
  • For safety reason, the whole operation is processed by computer, controller or PCL station.
  • For non-stop production, this machine is designed with a storage, welding machine. Non-shop shearing device and run out table.


Technical specification of C/U Channel Roll Forming Machine

Raw material Item Parameter Notice
Material thickness 0.4—0.8mm Big thickness may cause tolerance
Material type GI Special material should be tested.
Material hardness 550—350 mpa
Production Formed width 28/60mm
Forming speed  20m/min
Machine Material Roller Gr12
Shaft Cr40
Rolling station QT470
Shearing blade Cr 12 MOV
Line speed Roll forming speed 20m/min
Transmission Gear box
Shearing Flying Shearing Adjustable
Product Supporter Discharging table 6m/8/12 Adjustable
Hydraulic Station PLC motor Power: 3kw Brand could be customized
Accessories conk 2 pcs, fuse-link 4 pcs, Rubber mat 1 pcs, Bolt spanner 1 pcs