Light Steel keel rolling forming machine is a cold bending equipment used to process light steel keel. A good light steel keel rolling forming machine can guarantee the strength of keel material and the quality of light steel keel. And our company’s fully automatic light steel keel rolling forming machine operation is very simple, greatly improving the efficiency of the production and processing of profiles.

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As a professional manufacturer of Light Steel keel rolling forming machine, we would like to briefly introduce the troubles we often encounter in the process of using and how to detect them. If the fuselage sways, then check whether the bolts connecting the grinding head and the frame loosen and tighten in time. If the pressure of the hydraulic pump is on the low side, it should be adjusted in time. If it can not be adjusted all the time, it will prove that the hydraulic pump has serious wear and tear, and it should be repaired or replaced in time.

In addition, check the light steel keel rolling forming machine’s control valve. First, clean the safety valve. After cleaning, check whether there is wear problem in the valve core. If there is wear, replace it in time. Normally, the valve core can not exceed 0.06 mm in service time, otherwise the quality of cold-formed steel processing will be seriously affected.