Metal door panel pattern pressing machine

Metal door panel pattern pressing machine or the Hydraulic sheet metal forming press is an exclusive machine for pattern making and shape forming of security doors、steel/wooden doors、inside doors、stainless steel doors and iron gates.Major demands of this machine are generally from security door manufacturing companies, steel wholesale markets. Here are sample pictures for your reference, and then you can be more clearly about what this machine is used for you.

Metal door panel pattern pressing machine

Metal door panel pattern pressing machine 1

Features of the Metal door panel pattern pressing machine:

1. This machine is characterized as high efficient, convenient and safe
Operating, energy is saving, appearance attracting, and low cost.
2. The machine is invented and continuously improved through many of
our experienced engineers, making the machine of both simply
structured and well performed. It takes just a few minutes for a person to
learn to operate.

Here are some machine pictures for your reference:

Metal door panel pattern pressing machine 2

Metal door panel pattern pressing machine 3

Here are some basic machine parameters for your reference:
1.Working pressure, speed, and stroke can be set in a certain range
according to different technological requirements .
2.Independent power mechanism and electrical system are controlled by
press-button enabling realize manual, semi-automatic, and automatic

Main Structure
Eliminate internal stress
Fuselage is made of 45# steel and treated with internal stress elimination
after being weld.
Cylinder are made of 45# forging.
Piston rod are made of 50# steel (nitrided)
Rigidity up to HRC45-50
Cylinder technology:
Cylinder bottom, steel cylinder, piston, piston rod are integral forged.
Material: 45# steel.
Rod guide and supporting guide ring are made of phosphor-copper
Instead of nylon, the stability and wear -resistant are greatly improved.
The piston rod are made through nitridation treatment and surface
Carburizing and quenching (depth: 0.03mm~0.04mm), and
Electroplating hard chromium (thickness: 0.04mm~0.05mm)
Dynamical system
The advanced two-way cartridge valve integration system is adopted.
The machine is compact structured with advantages of low noise, and
stable performance. The oil flows well due to larger oil path diameter,
and lower possibility of leakage.
The machine is also equipped with oil cooling device

There are two operation modes:
Electric mechanize and semi-automatic
Both of them are controlled by bottom switch.
Working pressure, pressing speed and slide stroke can be set in a certain
rang according to different processing requirements.

For this machine, if you want to know more information, please contact us at any time.