metal embossing machine

Embossed lines are mainly for producing embossed aluminum and steel roll. metal embossing machine is suitable for metal sheet, particle board, decorated materials, and so on. The pattern is clear and has strong third-dimension. It can be assorted with the embossing production line
The main parts of this producing line
Uncoiler, embossed host, recoiler, electrical control station

Here is our pic for your reference:

Suitable material: sheet coiled material, such as: aluminum, galvanized sheet, colorized painting steel plate and stainless steel.

Standard parameter of this line


model ZT-S1000 ZT-S1400 ZT-S1600 ZT-S1900
Overall size(mm) 2900*1200*1500 3300*1200*1500 3500*1200*1500 3800*1200*1500
Roller size φ350*1000mm φ380*1400mm φ400*1600mm φ450*1900mm 


Material of roller 42CrMo 42CrMo 42CrMo 42CrMo
Roller hardness HRC55-58 HRC55-58 HRC55-58 HRC55-58
Way of embossing Both up and down rollers embossing at same Both up and down rollers embossing at same Both up and down rollers embossing at same Both up and down rollers embossing at same
Embossing regulation By screw By screw By screw By screw
Motor power(KW) 7.5 11 15 15
Line speed 0-18m/min 0-30m/min 0-40m/min 0-45m/min

 Detailed parameters of this metal embossing machine line

1. Roller specifications: DIA450~500mm, width: 1000~1800mm.
2. Take the roll surface hard chromium plating
3. Suitable for pressing plate: 2-6 mm
4. Frame steel plate welded structure, polished, tempering, machining, solid wall plate Q235 90 mm thick
5. Pattern processed by laser engraving.
6. The pattern making: according to the buyer to provide the sample pattern
7. Pressure mode: hydraulic 50~100T.
8. Working speed: 1~20m/min, speed changed by frequency converter .
9. Voltage 380V/50Hz/3PH
10. Safety shield shell
11. Generous beauty of appearance


Here are some pics of embossing pattern for your reference: