Metal knurling machine for metal roll forming machine

Metal knurling is a kind of technology for making some anti-slip or good looking pattern on the thin sheet metal. Metal knurling machine is also used for metal roll forming machine which could be used to make various types knurling pattern. In the market, there are many types knurling machines. Some easy types will install two or more rollers on the roll forming machine. Or some will add independent euipment to make embossing on the metal.

 Metal knurling machine for metal roll forming machine

For getting the knurling effect, now we have two options for your reference.

1.When design machine, design two sets of knurling rollers used together with the rolling mill.
2.The second method is that designing indepent rollers for specially knurling effect. By this way, you can use this knurling machine with any type of roll forming machine. Something likes a small embossing machine.

For the method 1 knurling rollers, when place order with factroy, you just need to tell them what type you like then you can get that.
For those old machines, if your machines do not have meanwhile now you need to add knurling effect, the method 2 is really good for you.

What are the knurling rollers composed?

The machine is composed by two sets of rolling rollers, PLC control system and the machine base to support the whole machine working.

How to use?

When installing machine, please put the knurling machine after decoiler, and then connect to main roll forming machine. When machine working, it will do the knurling effect automaticlly.

Here is the machine working video for your reference: