What is ridge cap?

A ridge cap is a building material that is installed along the ridge line of a sloped roof. A traditional gabled roof on a home is made up of two sloped sides that meet in the middle. The point where these two sides meet forms the apex of the roof, and is known as the ridge or ridge line. A ridge cap fits over the joint between these two edges to keep rain and snow out of the home. It also helps to finish off the look of the roof by creating a tightly sealed joint along the two sides. Now in the market as far as I know, there are two types: bending type ridge cap and round wave type ridge cap. So for making ridge cap machine there will be two types too. Here are some picture for your reference:

The the following pictures is about round metal ridge cap.

round metal ridage cap
round metal ridage cap




bending ridge cap
bending ridge cap







How the metal round ridge cap is made by machine?

Same as other roll forming machines, this machine principle is also roll forming. From decoiler to runout table, it processes by several parts.  But this  roll  forming  machine  is  the  special  high  speed  roll  forming  machine  for  steel sheet cold-form  industries.  It can continuous  form  the  steel  sheet  according  to customer’ s  requirement,  automatically  cut  to  length.  This equipment has many advantages,  just  like  high  forming  speed,  low  noise,  stable  transmission,  easy  operation, good look and so on.Here is one machine of the machine for your reference:

ridge cap roll forming machine
ridge cap roll forming machine











   Here are some parameters of this machine for your reference:

1Suitable materialTypeColor steel
Yield stress(MAPS)195 mp–350 mpa
Coil width
2Working speed5m/min
3Main machine driving motor(kw)3kwDepends on actual
4Hydraulic power5.5KWDepends on actual
5Total power8.5kwDepends on actual
6Roller diameter60mmDepends on actual
7Number of station9 stepsDepends on actual
8External dimensions(L×W×H, m)5.5M×0.8M×1.5MDepends on actual
9Machine weight3.8TDepends on actual
10Material of shaft45# steel adjustable treatment
11Shaft outside diameter70mm
12Machine frame350# H steel welded
13Surface processingThe thickness of hard chromium on the roll surface is 0.05mm.


And for the bending type ridge cap, we need to roll forming the raw material to the type you need and then bend it to the degree you need. By this way, we can make it like a ridge cap , here is one pictures for your reference.

bending ridge cap1
bending ridge cap













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