Shutter door roll forming machine

Shutter door slats made from hot/cold rolled steel strips,and hole punched,roll formed,and cut to length by the shutter door roll forming machine.
Rolling shutter doors used for commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines, and other public places or residential.

Some profile drawings for you reference:

Main Technical Parameters

MaterialTypeSteel strip
(Mpa)Yield stress230-300
(m/min)Max.Forming Speed8-12
Roller Material45#steel with chrome treatment
Roller driven typeChain transmission
OperationTouch screen and button
(Mpa)Hydraulic system pressure12
(KW)Hydraulic station motor power3
(KW)Main motor power4
(KW)Total power7
(ton)Total weightAbout3


Why choose shutter door roll forming machine:

1.All fully automatic.
2.Accuracy could be guaranteed. High quality punching and shearing system.
3.Long time to use.
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