Solar panel reflector, half round tube roll forming machine

Solar panel reflector is a kind of half round tube, by it you need to put some water tube in it. The reflector gives the sunshine to the tube and then makes the water hot. For the roll forming machine of making solar panel reflector is not easy to make as you have to make the edge staight and make the round shape diameter is right to the tube.
Solar panel reflector, half round tube roll forming machine could be used to make solar panel reflectors in batch fully autoamtic. The solar panel reflector mateiral is aluminum, which is anti rusting and has better reflecting effect. The material thickness is around 0.4 to 1.0mm. As the solar panel reflector needs to warp the tube and let the light heat collected evenly, the reflector edge must be very straight.

The Solar panel reflector roll forming machine elements:

No. Item Name 
1 Decoiler (manual or motor version)
2 Leveling system
3 Main roll forming machine
4 Sizing part
5 Shearing system
6 Runout table
7 PLC control system
8 Hydraulic system

Here are the machine pictures for your refernece:

half round tube roll forming machine

Why our machine is different with others?

1.For making sure the round tube shape perfect, we take the vertical roller and horizontal rollers design.
2.To make sure the size accurate, we add turkey head. When the shape and diameter is right then the finished product can pass the Turkey head smoothly. Or else the machine will stop to word.
3.High quality rollers and processed accurately to make sure the roller durable and long time to use.
4.With beautiful machine protection cover, to make sure when using it is safe and the appearance is beautiful.