T roof panel roll forming machine

T roof panel roll forming machine can widely used in various industrial plants,housing,warehouses and steel sheds surface making simple and beautiful and durable.
The product consists of entry beach,main roll forming system,cutting system,hydraulic station and PLC control system.
Optional equipment ordinary discharge machine,hydraulic discharge machine,automatic feeding machines chop.

T roof panel roll forming machine

The main technical parameters
1. Installation size: 5000mm × 1300mm × 900mm
2 molding channel number: 13
3. Roller material: 45 # steel
4 rollers plating thickness: 0.05mm
5 Cutter Material:. Cr12
6 Forming speed:. 9-10m / min.
7 Electronic Control system: Industrial computer PLC control
8 Drive: Anti-knife accurate counting function (optional)
9 Host power:. 4kw
10. Hydraulic station power: 3kw
11. Plate thickness: 0.2-0.7mm
12. Expand sheet width: 1250mm

T roof panel roll forming machine’s uncoiler need manually put blanks,take the blanks work . Before using the device,check the connection is solid,mounting bolts and nuts are tightened,the inner enclosure around should add a little lubricating oil,to power-up the machine test,first empty running careful observation,Is there a vibration,noise,oil windows is to oil,where or not the various components of motor corrdination,everything is normal to install mold,mold installation,you must cut off the power,manually moving belt or gear motor,so that the table translocation,and rose to the highest point of the carriage, preferably with an object supported between the table and the bottom surface of the carriage,non-slip seat with natural fall,causing the accident.The machine mold used for an upper mold and a six identical sizes of the lower mold, die and be installed on a lower mold, the lower mold installed directly in the six-party table runner, mold mounted on the bottom surface of the carriage, and place the proper thickness of the pad, ensuring the upper and lower mold clamping, the four surrounding space uniform, a distance equal to the thickness between the upper and lower mold the tiles you want. Then prevail over mold, table indexing, install the remaining five pay lower die, all in order to drive up and down mode after installing pressure-watts. Automatic discharge, whichever is blank work program: Mold installation and commissioning with the host said, then turned on the air compressors, vacuum pumps, extruders, Mitreva machine, discharge machines, tile press, host and Salvatore conveyors, stopping , stop the extruder, then stop the rest of Color device.

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