Technical parameters:

1. Loading.

1. Single-end uncoiler, single-side f

2. Automatic hydraulic internal tension

3. Maximum winding weight: 8000KG

4. Maximum winding diameter: 2200mm

5. Hydraulic power: 3KW

6. Cylinder diameter: 120mm, working pressure 10Mpa

7. Maximum winding width 500 mm

Two. Molding

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1. Feeding into the guide wheel of the unit

2. Leveling up to three rolls and down to four rolls, forming shaft diameter 80mm (material 45# through conditioning), roll material GCR15, quenching to HRC58 -62, hard chromium plating on the surface, pressing thickness 2.5m-3.0m.

3. Punching: Hydraulic Punching (material Cr12 die steel quenching treatment, can be left and right arbitrary adjustment)

4. Cut off hydraulic shear (Cr12 quenched HRC60-62)

5. Host power: 15KW

6. Cycloid pin reducer power: 15KW

7. Drive: Chain Drive, 2-inch Single-row Chain

8. Motor Power of Hydraulic Station: 15KW, Pressure 20Mpa

9. Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation 5-12 m/min for Unit

10. Inverter, Delta
1. The computer uses Delta PLC

12. Touch screen display for computer operation panel

13. Outward Size of Equipment: 17.5m in length, 1.2m in width and 1.5m in height

14. Electrical appliances origin and brand are optional.

Three. Discharging

Simple discharging rack

1. The frame is welded by 60mm *40mm square pipe (adjustable up and down)

2. Install sliding wheels on the rack

3. Specification: 1.5 m long, 0.9 m wide and 0.6 m high