W beam highway rail roll forming machine

W beam highway rail roll forming machine can produce the high quality highway rail to make sure the people safety who is driving on the road. There are two waves and three waves highway rail we can make for you. And in the followings, i will detailed introduce the w beam highway rail roll forming machine for you.

Highway rail is the main form of semi-rigid guardrail, which is a continuous structure of corrugated steel guardrail splicing and supported by the main column. When the vehicle collides with it, the corrugated steel guardrail will not be easily crashed or damaged due to its good crash-worthiness and energy absorption, meanwhile it will also be able to protect the vehicle and the passenger.

There is a sample of W beam highway rail roll forming machine for you check:

Equipment parts: decoiler, roll forming machine, forming press system, hydraulic cutter, hydraulic system, computer control,counter.

1. Suitable material: Q235A galvanized steel, width: 440mm, thickness 3.0mm

2. Forming speed: 10-12M/min

3. Forming roller station: 20 stands

4. Leveling roller station, 7 stands

5. Guiding and feeding roller, 4 stands

6. Roller material: Gcr 15 bearing steel after treatment, HRC58-60

7. Roller shaft material: No.45 high grade material after treatment

8. Roller shaft dimension: 100mm

9. Main motor power: 45 KW

10. Transmission: by gearbox

11. Leveling rollers motor power: 2.2KW

12. Hydraulic motor power: 11kw, hydraulic pressure: 20Mpa

I will show you some pictures of w beam highway rail for your reference.