HG127 carbon pipe producer could be used to make pipes from diameter from 20-127mm within the wall thickness 1.0-4.0mm, and the working speed could reach 30-80m/min.

We design HG127 carbon pipe producer in the shape of gantry type for reaching high speed meanwhile supporting large range pipe diameter. This machine size is quite big, so when prepare factory, you need to at least prepare 9 meters long and 5 meters height. For the cutting saw, this machine takes servo flying cutting saw for making machine totally automatic and fast speed.

  1. Brief introduction of HG127 carbon pipe producer :

HG120 is mainly used for producing pipes diameter between φ50—φ152 mm (round pipe), square pipe size among 40-120mm, and rectangle pipe range among 60×40— 100×140 within the wall thickness from 2.0-5.0mm.

  1. Basic information of HG127 carbon pipe producer:
  • Supported material(the material should be up to YB189-64 standard):
  1. Carbon steel, steel.
  2. Coil width: 160—480mm
  3. Coil thickness: 2.0—5.0mm
  4. Inner diameter: Ф550—610
  5. Out diameter:Ф1000— 1600mm
  6. Max weight: 6 Ton

2).Finished pipes size samples:
a: Round pipe: Ф50—Ф152mm
b: square pipe:40x40mm, 50x50mm,100x100mm and 120x120mm
c: rectangle pipe: 0×40、60×80、140×100
d: wall thickness: 2—5mm
e: pipe length: customized according to your needs.
Working speed: 30-90m/min
3).Solid state H.F welder 400KW
4).Water used per hour 40-50T/h, the reservoir should be 70 cubic meter
5).Work flow of HG127 carbon pipe producer.
Loading car-decoiler-leveling device and feed coil device-welding two coils together machine- deliver –accumulator-leveling second time—roll forming the first time—device prepared for welding—rolling shape part—remove welded scare part—cooling down part—sizing-pipe straightening part—flying cutting saw– roller bed—runout table—packing
HG127 pipe machine