Zhongtuo stone coated roof tile roll forming machine is composed by the following five parts: automatic bottom glue spraying equipment, automatic sandblasting room, first drying room, automatic surface glue spraying equipment and the second drying room. All the stone coated tiles made by this machine are lightweight, durable, and easy to install, windproof, and have fashion and nice appearance. This machine has long shape but you can put it in any comfortable status, so it will not take up much space. Meanwhile all the working process is automatic, so only one person can run this machine.

Basic parameters of stone coated roof tile roll forming machine
Working speed 6-10 sheet/min or 2000-5000 sheet/day
Machine weight20 ton
Total installed capacityAC380 50HZ
Material thickness0.32-0.50mm
Steel plate width 1000-1450mm
Factory space requirement25×80(m) temperature needs above 20 degree
Control systemPCL

Zhongtuo stone coated roof tile roll forming machine Features of stone coated roof tiles made by our machine:

  1. Resist to artificial climate aging: 100h film no crack, no power, no bubbles, no obvious discoloration.
  2. Heat resistant:90± 2℃,no obvious change.
  3. Low temper resistant:-40 ℃.
  4. Waterproof: 240h no problems.

Detail introduction of working process:

  1. Automatic bottom glue spraying equipment
Transmission2.2 kw
Conveying deviceReciprocating chain covey
Automatic glue spraying assembly motor0.06kw
Air compressor1 set 0.9
Pressure glue canister1 set pressure 0.1-0.6 MPA
Glue spraying gun4 sets
Fill glue gun5 set
  1. Automatic sandblasting room.
TransmissionGlue spraying with chain transmit
StructureChannel steel, angle steel, welded
Automatic sand hopper1 set, dimension 550x600x500mm
Automatic rising machine1 set Rising height:1.9m Power 300kg/h
Sand-blasting gun4 set
  1. First drying room 1 se
StructureCarbon steel welded
Frame type heat preservation wallFill up with heat preservation material
Auto Temperature controller2 sets, range from0-160 degree
Infrared fluorescent tube50 pcs
Cooling device1  set
  1. Automatic surface glue spraying equipment 1 set
TransmissionGlue spraying with chain transmit
StructureCarbon steel welded
Glue spraying gun2 set
Automatic spraying assembly1 set range of pressure: 0.1-0.6 MPA
Adsorption of dust removal equipment1 set
Manual spraying gun5 sets
  1. Second drying room equipment componen
TransmissionGlue spraying with chain transmit
StructureCarbon steel welded
Auto Temperature controllerAdjustable 0-160 degree
Conveying deviceReciprocating connection conveys 30m
Cooling device1 set
Automatic printing code and making1 set automatic printer

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