HG76 welded pipe making mill will be made to gantry type for processing large diameter pipe in a high speed. As its name shows, HG76 gantry type pipe making mill will be displayed like a dragon. When it works, it has fast speed like a dragon running. This type machine is quite good for who need to operate a pipe factory. Here are two reasons for your reference: for one thing, HG76 supports more types of welded pipe in large range pipe diameters. For another thing, as fast and high speed, HG76 welded pipe making mill could make pipe in great quantity.

 HG76 welded pipe making mill features:

  • High speed, low energy consuming. And low workforce needed. The electricity of this machine, we have process by special technology, so it can work within low energy consuming.
  • Large range pipe diameter supported.
  • We provide free service, free installation and free training service.
  • Easy to install and easy to change moulds.
  • The main roll forming machine also could use together with other roll forming machine to make different types finished product just by changing mould.
  • Durable to use, normally speaking, and this machine could use more than 20 years.
  • If you need, our machine also can help you curve time, date, company name or other words on the finished pipes.

Work flow of HG76 welded pipe making mill:
welded  pipe machine

           Main elements of HG76 welded pipe making mill:

Double head uncoiler 1
Hydraulic shearing and manual welding machine 1
Coiler feeder to accumulator 1
Accumulator 1
Forming and sizing mill 1
F5-200kw solid state H.F welder 1
Electric control system 1
CNC flying friction saw 1
Roll out table Steel frame, if you need the automatic one then we can change for you
Tech service The tech team needs to stay at customer factory 6 months, training customers till everything works well. And the all fee will be covered by customer.

pipe making mill