ZT-900 wall panel roll forming machine main technical parameters

Installation size: 4800mm × 1200mm × 1000mm
Molding channel number: 10
Roller material: 45 # steel
Roller plating thickness: 0.05m
Cutter material: Cr12
Forming speed: 9-10m / min
Electronic control system: Industrial computer PLC control
Drive: count accurately, anti-knife function (optional)
Host power: 3kw
Hydraulic station power: 3kw
Plate thickness: 0.2-0.6mm
Expand sheet width: 1000mm

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Zt-900 wall panels roll forming machine pressure plate connected to the roof to break the traditional practice of using screw gun connection,installation methods is use 45° football snaps installation ,make the roofing have better waterproof.By zt-900 wall panels forming machine roll forming a pressure plate ,not only dignified and elegant,beautiful novel,and the appearance of smooth,corrugated uniform,high utilization,high strength,high degree of automation,low cast,durable.This zt-900 wall panel forming machine is widely applied to large and medium enterprises civil construction,such as factories,machines garages,hangars,stadiums galleries,theaters and so on .


ZT-900 wall panels forming machine features

1.fireproofing:color composite sandwich panels surface meterial and insulation materials non-combustible material,fully able to meet fire code requirements.
2.High intensity: zt-900 wall panels forming machine using high-strength steel for the substrate (anti-tensile strength 5600KG / CM) coupled with the most advanced design and roll forming, with excellent structural properties.
3.Durability:Various studies have shown that ,and more than 40 years abroad widely used confimed,with a special color coating steel shelf life of at 10–15years,every 10 year after spraying anti-corrosion coatings,lumber life of up to 35 years.
4.Installation is quick: the light weight composite panels, splice installation and can easily cut characteristics, determine its simple installation, can greatly improve efficiency, saving period.
5.Beautiful: pressure plate clear lines of up to dozens of species of colors, can meet the needs of any style buildings, to achieve satisfactory results.