Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Pipe Machine for Producing round pipe, square pipe and rectangular type in batch.

ZT as China homemade stainless steel tube machines manufacturers, we persist on offering high quality and full automatic seamless pipes production line for whose we need to produce pipes in massive.

Working principle of welding pipe machine:
For welding, it makes full use of two sciences-high-frequency current Skin-Effect and Adjacency Effect to make the current concentrate on the edge, then the temperature will reach to the point of welding. Then we can make the sheet to pipe by rolling and make the edge melting to one.

Advantage of welding pipe machine:

  • It supports many kinds of material like carbon steel, GI and others.
  • One machine could make a large range of pipe sizes by changing mold.
  • One machine could be used to make square pipe, round pipe by changing mold.
  • High working efficiency but low energy consuming.
  • The pipe made by this kind of machine could be used in many areas like water tube, wire pipe and others.

Who need this kind of machine?

If you want to run a pipe factory or use pipe a lot daily, this machine is quite good for you.There is no pollution during using, and low electric consuming, so it is a kind of environmental friendly energy.It is low noise, so you can run your factory at any place. And it does not require big space.There is no waste water, waste gas, so it is totally clean technology.

Now we have four  types welded pipe machine for your to choose:

Type Wall thickness(mm) Diameter(mm) Speed(m/miu)
HG 32 0.4-2.5 10–45 30-90
HG50 0.5-.03 10–60 30-90
HG76 1.0-3.5 20–89 30-90
HG127 1.0-4.0 20–127 30-90

Please download unit changing form here(mm, gauge, inch).

Check the video of one of the machine here.